E-filing issues in TurboTax boil down to 2 types:

  1. Problems while attempting to e-file your return, during the pre-check or transmission phase;
  2. E-filing rejections from the IRS or state tax agency, after they've received your e-filed return.

Problems WHILE attempting to e-file

As you work on your return, we alert you to obvious errors, such as missing Social Security numbers and incompletely filled-out forms.

When you go down the path to e-file your return, TurboTax runs a second, more rigorous error check. It looks for subtle things that might cause the IRS or state e-filing systems to reject your return.

(If you're wondering why TurboTax didn't alert you earlier, it's because TurboTax hadn't asked you yet if you were planning to e-file.)

Before you can successfully transmit your return, you will need to correct your return by following the on-screen instructions.

If your tax return cannot be e-filed for some reason, TurboTax will let you know.

Problems AFTER e-filing

A rejection may also occur after your tax return has been received by the IRS or state tax agency. This indicates something on your return either doesn't match their data or needs to be fixed (for example, missing information needed for a calculation).

Your rejection will come with a message that explains what's wrong and what needs to be done next.